The Power of Love

True love never  breaks a heart
My love for you is true
I promise to stand by you
In the good times, I will celebrate with you
In the bad times, I will support you
My love for you will always be true
From you I will never depart
True love, never breaks a heart
__ Ellen J. Barrier

The power of a true love relationship, is a binding commitment between two individuals.
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The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins Movie

Coming Soon Official Selection for Best Screenplay 2013 at The Beverly Hills Film Festival 
Description of The Movie Film Type:
Feature Film
Theatrical Film
TV Film
Lifetime Film

This movie mirrors the world we live in. It is about money, sex, power and control. We live in a world of violence.

video: Hear the story read @
Screenplay writers: Stephanie Kimmel & Kathy Krantz Stewart
Author: Ellen J. Barrier

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is Coming Soon in PG-13 MOVIE
Jim Elliott is the head of a corrupt organization, where crime and acts of terror are committed against humanity; nobody crosses him and lives to talk about it.
He is a man of great influence in society, well educated in criminal law, has wealth and power, and uses it all for evil means. His family must pay the ultimate price for his behavior. Living in a free society, is not one his family can ever experience because of his sins.
Agent: Kathy Krantz Stewart
Movie Press Release:

Wishing you LOVE & HAPPINESS

                                                             Our Friendship Will Never Be Taken For Granted

Hello My Friend
How are you doing today?
I am sending you wishes of LOVE & HAPPINESS
with hopes that your day will be PEACEFUL and blessed.

From your friend,

The Joy of Music in all Genres

The Sound of Musical Instruments are awesome to listen to. Listening to music and enjoying watching a performance of your favorite musicians on stage at a concert is amazingly special.

To spend that time with the person you are in a special relationship with, makes the memory a romantic one to hold on to.

I like music in a variety of genres; inspiration, romance, classic, Latin and more. Listening to favorite music and reading a good book, is one of my ways of relaxing. I also, enjoy making music, singing and writing.

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Great Contributors to the Music Industry

by Ellen J. Barrier

Béla Viktor János Bartók
Composer and Pianist
Birth Date: March 25, 1881 – September 26, 1945
Birth Place: Banatian town of Nagyszentmiklós  in the Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary

Musical History:
Folk music and composition
His work consists of writing many studies for the Piano.
Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos Sz. 107, BB 105 consists of 153 progressive piano pieces in six volumes. It is a book of devices used in modern-day educational studies by other composers. These pieces can be played on other instruments. All aspects in keyboard style are included in this set. 
Béla Bartók's work ranges from orchestral pieces to songs, reveals exceptional talented musical skills to combine old and new music devices and technique. It is fair to note that volumes one and two are dedicated to Béla Bartók's son, Péter.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Composer: Keyboard and Violin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Birth Date: 27 January 1756 _ 1791)
Birth Place: at 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg
This was the capital of the Archbishopric of Salzburg, a ecclesiastical principality in what is now Austria, then part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Music History:
Composed from the age of five and performed before European royalty.
He composed over 600 works, pinnacles of symphonic, concertante, chamber, operatic, and choral music. He is said to be among the most enduringly popular of classical composers, and his influence on subsequent Western art music is profound.

Ludwig van Beethoven
German composer and pianist
The most famous and influential of all composers
Birth Place: Bonn, then the capital of the Electorate of Cologne and part of the Holy Roman Empire
Date of birth: 16 December 1770
(Baptized 17 December 1770[1] – 26 March 1827)
It is said there is no other records to show the exact date of Beethoven birthdate beside information provided as noted here:
Children of that era were traditionally baptised the day after birth in the Catholic Rhine country. Beethoven's family and his teacher Johann Albrechtsberger reportedly, celebrated his birthday on 16 December.  Accepted date of birth: 16 December 1770

 Music History:
Composed in several musical genres a variety of instrument combinations:
A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music
Best known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5 concertos for piano, 32 piano sonatas, and 16 string quartets. 

Piano accompaniment include 10 violin sonatas, 5 cello sonatas, and a sonata for French horn, and numerous lieder.
Symphony orchestra include nine symphonies (a chorus is included in the ninth)
Seven concerti for one or more soloists and orchestra, and four shorter works that include soloists accompanied by orchestra.

Other Work:
Chamber Music, Choral Works (including the celebrated Missa Solemnis), and songs.
conducting and performing in public

Antonín Leopold Dvořák
 Birth Date: September 8, 1841 – May 1, 1904)
Birth Place: Nelahozeves__  a village on left bank of the Vltava river, 25 km north of Prague, Czech Republic.

Music History:
Studied__ Viola, violin, voice and organ
1874__ received the Austrian State Prize for Third Symphony in E-Flat
Best known work:  New World Symphony, the "American" String Quartet, the opera Rusalka and his Cello Concerto in B minor.

Other works:
The seventh Humoresque and the song 'Songs my mother taught me'
Composed: Operas, Choral Music, Chamber Music, Concerti along with several other orchestral and vocal, and instrumental pieces.
Antonín Leopold Dvořák has been credited for being the most versatile composer of his time.

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___Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Musician/Singer and Songwriter

Voices from the World of Music

Those who are in the music industry invest a great deal of their time in their career. Music is their business. To be great performers, artists have to be totally dedicated to their music profession. Composers, Singers, Songwriters, and Performers contribute their talents to the entertainment industry, be it in Churches where I grew up performing or elsewhere, local and abroad.

 Music is a language that connects artists. It allows them to perform together and put on great performances, when they have not practiced together, because separated they work on their artistic skills on a persistent basic, such as my guitarist and I did. We never practiced together, but apart we worked very hard on our skills.  When show time came, my voice connected with his music, and we became one in the world of music, and gave our audiences some great performances. I am a big fan of guitar music!

These are some of the great ones who have contributed to our educational studies of music. And provided us with entertainment in the Music Industry: Both Composers and Performing Artists have entertained us with their musical skills. 

___Ellen J. Barrier
Ellen Jean Barrier Radio

My World of Music

Ellen J. Barrier

At about the age of 3, I used any object I could find to make music. My parents bought my first piano at the age of 14 and provided me with music lessons. I grew up singing and performing in churches and in school activities.

My performances include singing, acting in plays and dancing.
I enjoy singing, writing songs and listening to various genres of music such as inspiration, romance, classic, jazz, pop, rap, rock and other. 

My influence for my music career are family members who like listening to radio and singing in church and family performances during family gathering. I started writing poems, and songs along with performing in musicals in churches and school during my preteen years. I have continued to perform throughout the years as an adult, live and recorded.  

Two of my favorite musicians are Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder.  I grew up listening to their music and have many of their Cd’s in my possession.  Sam Cooke had an amazing voice that was pleasant to listen to, and sang spiritual and other genres.  Stevie Wonder is an inspiring artist with many talents. Both of these artists are impressive and inspiring.

Achievements and Awards Received
Certificate of Registration Copyright Music Titles for Ellen J. Barrier
Register Copyrights, United States of America
Singer/Songwriter and Author of Music and Lyrics Titles___ Ellen J. Barrier
1. I Can’t Live Without You   (Single)_____ Effective date of registration: July 2, 2014
2. Another Chance (Album)_______ Effective date of registration: July 3, 2014
3. This is an S.O.S Call To God
4. Send Down Your Power Lord
5.  God Answers Prayer
6. My Father’s Praise (music)
7. It Is Never Too Late to Call
8. Scriptural Reading
9. I Want to Feel Your Power Today! (Album)___ Effective date of registration: April 22, 2013
10. Weapons of Warfare (Album)_________ September 20, 2013
11. Send Me an Angel (Album) ____________ September 20, 2013  

Novel  The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins____ selected as Best Screenplay 2013 At The Beverly Hills Film Festival written by Ellen J. Barrier
Received Certificate of Appreciation Award on March 8, 2013 from Amnesty International for commitment to the crucial fight to end violence against women and girls

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