My World of Music

Ellen J. Barrier

At about the age of 3, I used any object I could find to make music. My parents bought my first piano at the age of 14 and provided me with music lessons. I grew up singing and performing in churches and in school activities.

My performances include singing, acting in plays and dancing.
I enjoy singing, writing songs and listening to various genres of music such as inspiration, romance, classic, jazz, pop, rap, rock and other. 

My influence for my music career are family members who like listening to radio and singing in church and family performances during family gathering. I started writing poems, and songs along with performing in musicals in churches and school during my preteen years. I have continued to perform throughout the years as an adult, live and recorded.  

Two of my favorite musicians are Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder.  I grew up listening to their music and have many of their Cd’s in my possession.  Sam Cooke had an amazing voice that was pleasant to listen to, and sang spiritual and other genres.  Stevie Wonder is an inspiring artist with many talents. Both of these artists are impressive and inspiring.

Achievements and Awards Received
Certificate of Registration Copyright Music Titles for Ellen J. Barrier
Register Copyrights, United States of America
Singer/Songwriter and Author of Music and Lyrics Titles___ Ellen J. Barrier
1. I Can’t Live Without You   (Single)_____ Effective date of registration: July 2, 2014
2. Another Chance (Album)_______ Effective date of registration: July 3, 2014
3. This is an S.O.S Call To God
4. Send Down Your Power Lord
5.  God Answers Prayer
6. My Father’s Praise (music)
7. It Is Never Too Late to Call
8. Scriptural Reading
9. I Want to Feel Your Power Today! (Album)___ Effective date of registration: April 22, 2013
10. Weapons of Warfare (Album)_________ September 20, 2013
11. Send Me an Angel (Album) ____________ September 20, 2013  

Novel  The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins____ selected as Best Screenplay 2013 At The Beverly Hills Film Festival written by Ellen J. Barrier
Received Certificate of Appreciation Award on March 8, 2013 from Amnesty International for commitment to the crucial fight to end violence against women and girls

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