Voices from the World of Music

Those who are in the music industry invest a great deal of their time in their career. Music is their business. To be great performers, artists have to be totally dedicated to their music profession. Composers, Singers, Songwriters, and Performers contribute their talents to the entertainment industry, be it in Churches where I grew up performing or elsewhere, local and abroad.

 Music is a language that connects artists. It allows them to perform together and put on great performances, when they have not practiced together, because separated they work on their artistic skills on a persistent basic, such as my guitarist and I did. We never practiced together, but apart we worked very hard on our skills.  When show time came, my voice connected with his music, and we became one in the world of music, and gave our audiences some great performances. I am a big fan of guitar music!

These are some of the great ones who have contributed to our educational studies of music. And provided us with entertainment in the Music Industry: Both Composers and Performing Artists have entertained us with their musical skills. 

___Ellen J. Barrier
Ellen Jean Barrier Radio